A “Careful Plan” To Take Apart And Reconstitute The World Economy

Despite the vaccinations’ ineffectiveness against omicron and the rising list of fatalities and dire consequences, COVID-mania continues unabated in far too many countries to count. By forcing individuals into cramped quarantine camps, Australia has returned to its beginnings as a penal colony. New Zealand’s whole population of 5 million people has been quarantined due to a single COVID outbreak. According to secret military records revealed by Project Veritas, ivermectin is efficacious during all phases of COVID.

Small and medium businesses, which account for most jobs and a substantial portion of the tax base, are being crushed. Due to global supply chain disruptions, food, computer chips, and other items are limited. Trillions of dollars are miraculously created, leading to astronomical inflation.

Ernst Wolff, a German economist and writer gave a lecture titled Uncovering the Corona Narrative: Was Everything Carefully Planned? In August 2021. “The digital-financial complex is the largest profiteer of the current crisis,” Wolff concluded. He’s talking to Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook, which have a combined market valuation of about $10 trillion, more than Germany, France, and Italy’s total GDP.

Furthermore, Mr. Wolff claims that the current financial system was on the verge of collapsing in 2008, but that the subsequent collapse was “postponed through a final feat of strength, namely the reduction of interest rates to zero, and the injection of billions and billions for one final time” over the previous 12 years. He claims they are creating a new system in the background, away from public awareness, and plundering the last phase of the current dying system.

An anonymous individual argues why a Digital Global Currency is required in this 56-second video. The Holy Grail of total and efficient state control over our lives is worldwide digital money like this. Mr. Wolff proposes that universal basic income (UBI) be implemented at the height of a contrived societal crisis to shift from “maximum chaos to maximum control.”

The World Economic Forum’s founder, Klaus Schwab, was a driving force behind COVID’s social and economic projects. Wolff believes that these grandiose ambitions are sure to fail. COVID’s long black shadow is beginning to fade as the world awakens to the lies and intrigues. The broader question is, how much more pain, death, and suffering must people endure overcoming this?