A Chinese Company Linked To Hunter Biden Is Making Billions

Since Joe Biden got into office, there’s been renewed scrutiny about his family business deals with China and the possibility of Biden himself being beholden to the Chinese communist regime.

Unfortunately for the Biden family, it’s been well established that first son Hunter Biden used his father’s influence as the then-vice president to conduct business in China and other nations.

Hunter regularly threw his last name around and promised he could deliver on certain things because of his father’s position.

Very recently, reports have come out that an energy company with ties to Hunter Biden has raked in billions over the course of just this year alone.

A Deep Dive into the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation
During the first part of 2022, the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation documented $6.5 billion in net income. Hunter’s connection to this firm stems from a billion-dollar investment he made back in early 2015.

In light of Hunter’s generous investment, the first son now enjoys a 30% stake in the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation through his own firm, BHR Partners.

The true issue with this arises in relation to policies the president put through that benefited China’s energy production, therefore enriching his son by extension through the firm.

Since getting into the White House, Biden walked back a measure from former President Trump that prevented China from controlling or investing in our nation’s power supply. That comes on top of Biden sending US emergency oil reserves to China and gutting the Keystone XL pipeline.

No Accountability
At this point, there’s no telling how deep the ties may be between the Biden family and the Chinese communist regime. It’s very well possible that information known about BHR Partners and the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is known is the president’s been less than honest with the public about his knowledge of his son’s business deals overseas. Previously, Biden went on record, saying he never spoke to Hunter about his international business arrangements.

Meanwhile, leaked voicemails of Biden found on his son’s own laptop have demonstrated otherwise. Of course, whenever the White House is questioned on Hunter Biden and the nature of his business dealings, non-answers generally follow.