A Deep Dive Into COVID Psychosis

For the past two years, Democrats and even health officials have done everything to drum up confusion and fear regarding COVID.

There’s no greater evidence of this than Democrats and so-called medical experts repeatedly saying one thing and then contradicting themselves days or weeks later. Every time health officials listed necessary measures to bounce back from COVID, they later moved the goalposts as soon as these measures were met or close to being completed.

The longer this thing drags out, the easier it becomes for people to see through the scam, as pointed out by RedState.

The same tactics that health officials and leftists have employed to rile people up over COVID are a clear throwback to methods used in Germany before World War II broke out. During the 20s and 30s in Germany, people were driven into insanity by being isolated and emotionally and mentally attacked.

It eventually led to Germans being easily led astray by leaders who were wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to have everyone’s best interests at heart.

Compare that to what’s happening when political leaders and health officials call for people to take endless vaccines or spend year after year not getting together with loved ones. It would be deemed madness under any other metric. However, the people who have fallen for this do this because leaders are pushing it.

Of course, the folks pushing the COVID psychosis will claim that anyone who opposes what they’re doing is spreading “misinformation.” However, the absolute misinformation comes from folks like Biden when they wrongly claim getting vaccinated against COVID means you’re safe from contracting the virus.

There’s no denying that Americans are under attack. However, the attacks are not tangible. They’re happening mentally, and sadly, there are people to this very day who have yet to wake up to the most excellent con in world history.

COVID psychosis can only end when enough people stand up and determine that enough is enough. It ends when people stop acting like Fauci’s word is gospel when he’s been wrong on countless occasions and contradicted his guidance.

In 2022, there is more than enough information about COVID for Americans to assess the situation and make the decisions they feel are best for themselves and their families.

The so-called leaders and experts have been wrong, and they’ll continue to be wrong because, when it comes to COVID, there is no one size fits all solution.