A Florida Sheriff Has Just Shared the Answer to Home Invasions

Across the country, crime rates are up. This is especially true of violent crime that is costing people their lives or otherwise inflicting great harm upon them.

When it comes to crime rates, the Democrats are to thank. After all, Democrats in power are the ones who rolled back funding for police officers, handed criminals get-out-of-jail-early cards, and cut back on bail given to criminals.

As Democrats put through policies that lead to higher crime rates, everyday Americans who actually do the right thing and follow the laws are in more danger than ever before.

Thankfully, one police sheriff from the state of Florida has a solution to this, at least when it comes to home invasions, per The Blaze.

The Much-Awaited Answer to Home Invasions

Last week, career criminal Brandon Harris was taken into police custody after breaking into multiple homes. As it turns out, one of the homeowners actually shot at Harris while he was in the middle of a home invasion.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson spoke about this situation during a press conference. Johnson explained the homeowner did nothing wrong in shooting at a home invader, even saying that it’s something that Santa Rosa County law enforcement prefers.

Later, the sheriff explained that if a home invader gets shot amid breaking into someone’s residence, the odds of this person reoffending drops down to zero.

With more criminals feeling emboldened to break into people’s homes, Johnson’s advice could definitely end up saving lives. It also carries a high likelihood of making would-be home invaders think twice.

As the sheriff pointed out, if someone chooses to invade the home of a Santa Rosa County resident, this person is rolling the dice.

Relevant Advice Amid America’s Crime Problem

Over the past few years, more people have been going out and buying guns. This includes women, first-time gun owners, and minorities.

Many new gun owners have cited self-protection and/or the protection of their loved ones as reasons that motivated them to buy guns.

Democrats, for as much as they claim to hate guns, have ironically caused the new shift in people buying guns. It’s completely unreasonable for the left to cripple law enforcement, embolden criminals, and then expect people not to defend themselves.

When a home invader strikes, the people in the home have no idea what the intentions are of the invader. Following the advice of the Santa Rosa County sheriff could very well save innocent lives and stop a very dangerous individual.