A Rambling Joe Biden Gets A Vaccine Booster On Camera And Chucks The Goalposts Into The Sea

The United States is on its way to give boosters for people above 65 or who are at high risk causing many to question the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Just like the New York hospital heroes of 2020 that became the enemy in 2021 because they haven’t gotten the Covid-19 vaccine, the vaccinated citizens will become the enemy when they are classified as “unvaccinated” when they haven’t gotten the Covid-19 booster shot.

President Joe Biden got his Covid-19 booster shot and answered some critical questions about the Covid-19 vaccine goal and when Americans can get back to normal. His answer doesn’t come close to the reality that the United States leaders have been telling Americans. The lies from the White House have been so misleading that no explanation can be made for the objective.

Biden said that Americans would be back to normal when 97%-98% of Americans get vaccinated. That would mean that over 323 million people would have to be vaccinated for America to get back to normal. It overrides any natural immunity, religious exemption, or medical exemption from the vaccine. There’s no way that 98% of Americans will get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The best way forward is for the U.S. to open up like usual and allow anyone who wants a vaccine to get it. The White House and the federal government are polarizing this situation so that citizens are going against each other just because of a vaccine. Medical information isn’t anyone’s business but the doctor who’s providing medical care.

Biden also said he isn’t a scientist, but ¼ of the country can’t go unvaccinated without a problem. That goes against the science of herd immunity. Herd Immunity is when a certain percentage of a population gets a virus or, in this case, a vaccine and recovers. The Center for Disease Control says that herd immunity exists at 70%.

If you take the number of fully vaccinated Americans (184 million) and the number of citizens who have gotten Covid-19 and recovered (43 million), that’s 227 million people who should be included in herd immunity. 70% of American citizens are 231 million. In the 43 million who recovered from Covid-19, you would have to determine who hasn’t received the Covid-19 vaccine and take that number away from the total number and add in anyone who has natural immunity that didn’t receive the Covid-19 vaccine or get a Covid-19 test or tested negative. That’s the number Americans need to look for. The federal government has “promised” that America would get back to normal when herd immunity was reached. Suppose we can figure out and prove that 70% of Americans have either recovered from the Covid-19 virus or gotten the Covid-19 vaccine. In that case, we can use herd immunity to stop the lockdowns, mandates, and future exploitation of power.

Biden can’t just keep moving the goalpost. If he is a leader like he claims to be, he must decide and stick to it. Otherwise, his credibility will go down the drain like it already has.