A Recent Fox News Poll Shows How Miserably President Biden’s Quest For ‘Unity’ Has Failed

Politics runs on a spectrum, kind of like a line graph. Sometimes one party extends that line graph further from the middle and becomes more radical than before. It is what Democrats have done to their party. What’s worse is they expect the Republicans to come further to the middle to form a new bipartisan line closer to Democrat ideology.

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping, and not only from the Republicans. Democrats aren’t playing ball with Biden’s administration, and they’re showing it. Democrat politicians are bucking against Biden and his dreams of passing his beloved infrastructure bill because people don’t believe in Biden anymore.

The downfall of the January 6th riot and the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of 2020 is that politics aren’t fast. It’s a slow roll that always either passes or fails. The Supreme Court and federal courts across the country are doing the right thing by siding with the Constitution. Still, the mainstream media won’t report on it because Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution. It’s apparent by their actions and the legislation that they propose. California, the most Democratic state in the country, can’t even reach past the Constitution.

Biden ran his 2020 campaign as an attempt to unify the country. He claimed that former President Donald Trump was dividing the country, and some of that is true, but Trump’s policies weren’t divisive at all.

You can tell how a president affects your life by shutting down all communication from them and then evaluating how their policies and executive orders change your life. In Trump’s case, if you stop listening to what he says and allow his policies to work, you’re a happier person. If you do the same for Biden, you can’t help but see that Biden’s policies harm you.

Biden strolls out, sometimes, and keeps saying the words “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” That’s as divisive as it gets. Covid-19 vaccination status doesn’t affect anyone else besides the individual. The Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting Covid-19, and it doesn’t stop you from spreading it. What it does, is possibly protect you from having a bad case of Covid-19. The hospitalization from Covid-19 isn’t even as high as the media says it is, and the death count is slowing dramatically. The death count from Covid-19 is slowing dramatically and has been for some time. The Covid-19 vaccine is out, and Americans see that a healthy lifestyle is a great way to stop deaths from Covid-19.

Afghanistan, the southern border, and Covid-19 mandates are terrible for Biden, and they can’t come back. Polls are showing that Biden’s approval rating is under 40%, with no chance of improving. He’s certainly not going to be able to get a second term, so what does he care about?