A Top US Chicken Producer is Closing One of Its Plants

Several weeks ago, Joe Biden said food shortages were on their way in America. This got a lot of people talking, wondering what all the president knows and whether he could be playing a role in limited food supplies.

Already, Americans are dealing with shortfalls in baby formula access. The White House claims to be doing all it can. Apparently, the issues with widespread accessibility to formula won’t be fully ironed out until the end of July.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only sign of food shortages in this country. In Caryville, Tennessee, one of America’s top chicken producers is closing its doors.

Horrible News From George Inc.
The closure of George Inc.’s Caryville facility would not only cut down on general chicken and other meat supplies, but it would also add to problems already facing the economy.

For one thing, if this plant does go through with closing its doors, it will lead to approximately 200 people being forced into unemployment. Officials in Campbell County are working to keep the Caryville facility open. Although, at this time, there’s nothing to ensure this work will succeed.

As George Inc. remains slated to close in Caryville, food costs have already been rising. Meanwhile, Biden and his administration continue to accuse industry giants of “price gouging,” despite the impacts inflation has on their costs of acquisition.

Interestingly enough, the reason for the approaching shutdown of this chicken producer’s plant remains a mystery. The company itself has yet to publicly explain why this facility is on the chopping block.

The White House’s Explanation
Over the course of this year alone, there have been a series of issues with food plants running into fires and otherwise being impeded from operations.

Many Americans believe there could be more than what meets the eye, including a potentially willful sabotage of the food supply.

As it stands, the White House is pointing the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin when it comes to issues with food.

Just earlier this month, Sec. John Kirby of the US Pentagon accused Putin of using food as a weapon against people. The White House has likewise blamed the president of Russia for gas prices and inflation.

With all that’s happening lately, many people have found themselves tensely waiting for the next domino to fall.