Abrams PAC Investigating Itself Over Funds To Family And Friends

Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight PAC has launched an investigation into its internal actions after revelations that large sums of money are being handed out to its director’s family and friends.

Records show that people with little experience and maintaining other full-time employment are receiving thousands of dollars for their “work.”

Fox News Digital first reported the findings, which resulted in a Friday announcement from Fair Fight PAC. The organization declared it is now “aware that PAC funds may have been incorrectly paid to consultants.”

The group added that, as they strive to serve the community “with the utmost integrity,” they take the allegations “seriously” and have begun an investigation into their practices.

The PAC was founded by Abrams in 2019 in the aftermath of her loss to Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 Georgia governor’s race. The Democrat repeatedly cast aspersions on the results and called the state’s voting practices into question.

The group, she asserted, was founded to push for “equitable elections” in Georgia. However, it was those close to Fair Fight PAC’s political director, Andre Fields, who stood to benefit.

One of those who drew a hefty payday was Darius Faulk, Field’s sister. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records, she received more than $120,000 for training services just since August 2021.

And that payday came even with little or no political experience. Faulk had worked as the director of operations and assistant women’s basketball coach for Hofstra University.

It is also reported that a pair of Fields’ close friends, Asa Fludd and Cruz Alvarado, collected tens of thousands of dollars from the PAC.

Fludd, who had worked in computer systems, received $29,800 for training consulting since last year. Alvarado was paid $29,000 after having worked in the event industry.

A separate review by CNN of FEC filings showed that the true total for the three recipients for this and previous election cycles may be closer to $250,000. These outrageous sums have not been lost on Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

The Republican tweeted last week that “Stacey Abrams’ group is using hundreds of thousands in political donations” to enrich her friends while ordinary Georgians struggle under inflation rates not seen in 40 years.