ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp: Listening To Biden Is ‘Tragic’

According to the news, Schlapp said that he found it heartbreaking to listen to Joe Biden speak. First and foremost, Joe Biden is unable to communicate. He argues he shouldn’t be taking any questions, referring to Biden’s statement earlier this week that he shouldn’t be holding the news conference right now.

Moreover, Schlapp added, “It takes folks like them. He didn’t have a medical degree. How come they can all sit around talking about therapies and all these fantastic new procedures they have to take to ensure that people can recover if they catch this virus?” Schlapp didn’t stop there in his criticism of Biden and continued saying he thinks “the saddest thing of all is that it takes someone like them, like him, to speak about how to best guard against something like Ebola.”

Furthermore, he continued saying that “isn’t it great that this most current omicron variant had such a low death rate? That’s a positive development. But the President of the United States can’t talk about it.” Biden said, “They are staring at a winter of catastrophic disease and death for the unvaccinated.” Schlapp questioned why Biden has been so harsh in his campaign when emphasizing the positives.