Administrator Exposed Refusing To Hire Conservative Teachers

A New York City charter school administrator was filmed blatantly saying that educators who do not conform to the school’s sexual orientation norms and “diversity at all levels” will not teach at his schools.

Todd Soper is a K-4 assistant principal and was discreetly filmed by Project Veritas talking about the school’s hiring practices. He is in charge of administering education for ages five to nine.

He was recorded explicitly saying that he will not hire an individual if they are conservative. Asked if a conservative would be hired if they were applying, he answered “no.”

He pointed to Diversity-Equity-Inclusion questions that could be answered by a person saying they are “colorblind” or that “everyone is equal.” These are unsatisfactory answers, he said, because they miss the “depth of understanding” of how identities are lived out in the world.

The person who answered as colorblind and everyone is equal would not be hired. In fact, anyone answering that question wrong is an “automatic not hire.”

Soper listed as an example a teacher who did not want to educate students on Black Lives Matter and did not think that race “was a big deal.” He said she loves all kids so it’s fine. That, however, was not fine with Soper.

He said “you have to love all of it” and acknowledge there is potential for the kids to experience discrimination.

Further, he went into great detail about pushing gender identity on small children. Kindergarteners, he said, were given mirrors during Pride Month and told to read aloud about what they want to be. He said it is delicate at that age and kids are not as aware of “who you are.”

That changes, however, “towards fourth grade” and the conversations “deepen.”

Project Veritas is known for getting films on leftist organizations and recording people without their knowledge admitting secrets about leftist causes.

The assistant principal at Cos Cob Elementary School in Connecticut was recorded saying he would not hire conservative Catholics. He was then put on leave.

Jennifer Norris, director of student activities at Manhattan’s Trinity School, also found herself on leave after admitting to “sneaking” liberal viewpoints into classroom lessons.

It should go without saying that actions like these should not have a place in educating children. There will always be a wide range of opinions and viewpoints, but kids are not sent to their schools by parents for liberal indoctrination.