After Bernie Goes On Climate Change Rant, Crenshaw ‘Swats’ Him Down Like A Bug

If a political party were a meme, Bernie Sanders would be the political leader. It would be shocking to see his political ideologies succeed, but nobody expects it to. Sanders’ policy suggestions aren’t only ridiculous but would destroy America as we know it.

Sanders recently tweeted that California, Oregon, and Siberia are burning, and people in New York City are drowning all because of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, Sanders ignores the immense benefit of nuclear energy and carbon capture, but Sanders ignores that because his radical base only wants extreme solutions rather than reasonable steps forward.

Dan Crenshaw took Sanders’ message as an invitation to slam him and responded to him as truthfully as possible. He said that it’s not about the climate. It’s about control. Crenshaw also noted that Sanders had been against nuclear energy and carbon capture as a means of cleaner energy.

If Sanders were concerned about the climate, he would take a few seconds to learn about history. California has been “burning” for hundreds of years. The natural climate is conducive to wildfires because of how dry and hot it is. In fact, of the last five worst fires in California, one was caused by humans, another by a tree falling on a power line, and another is undetermined. None of those fires seem to be caused by climate change.

New York City has been under attack from hurricanes not because their citizens are laughing as they pump evil gasoline in their vehicles, but because it’s not new that hurricanes have hit them. NBC New York tracked hurricanes back to 1821 when a major hurricane hit parts of New York City inhabited today, but with much more force than more recent hurricanes have.

The left wants to control you. Climate change is the last thing on their mind when they pass legislation. If President Joe Biden’s administration cared about the climate, they would make every attempt to keep business, especially oil, in the United States. Federal regulation in the U.S. is some of the strictest in the world. Biden immediately began shipping oil into the U.S. America is far better off when prices remain lower. We can focus on our country rather than engage in so much world economics.