AG Supports Teacher Who Refused to Use ‘Prefered’ Pronouns

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares filed a brief with the state Supreme Court supporting a former West Point teacher. The educator was fired for refusing to use a student’s preferred pronouns due to religious objections.

French teacher Peter Vlaming was terminated in 2018 after complaints from the student and a parent. The unanimous action was taken after a nearly six-hour board meeting where the teacher was lambasted for “insubordination” and refusal to fall in line “with directives.”

It was reported that the student underwent a “gender transition.” Court documents state Vlaming consistently avoided using the transgender student’s prefered pronouns and instead used their prefered name. He considered this to be meeting the student half-way.

When the school found out, administrators ordered Vlaming to either use the preferred pronouns or be fired. It was also reported that the teacher referred to the female student who “transitioned” to male as “her” on two occasions. He said it was unintentional.

Superintendent Laura Abel called his actions “discrimination” and accused him of creating a “hostile learning environment.” The student and parent declared themselves “disrespected.”

After his termination, nearly 150 students walked out in support of the popular teacher.

A circuit court judge first dismissed his case, but Vlaming persisted and it is now before the Virginia Supreme Court. The AG emphatically defends the freedom of the state’s citizens to stand on their beliefs “as strong today as it was…more than 200 years ago.”

Representing the teacher are lawyers from the Alliance Defending Freedom Center.The defense argues that Vlaming could not affirm that a person’s sex is whatever they want it to be instead of based on biology. He was not going to “lie to his students.”

His detractors include James Millner of Virginia Pride. He attended the 2018 school board meeting at which the six-year teacher was terminated and says the action was justified.

Vlaming, Millner asserts, does not deserve to get his job back or receive damages for “intentionally misgendering a transgender student.” He calls the warning by the former teacher’s counsel that teachers are leaving over “inclusive and welcoming classrooms” fiction.

The radicals pushing transgender ideology will not stop until complete conformity is reached. No religious dissension and no scientific reasoning are allowed, just marching in lockstep with everyone who wants to play dress-up and make-believe about their gender.