‘Again’: Biden Walks Away Without Answering Any Questions

Transparency from the President of the United States has become a thing of the past. Nearly half of all Americans didn’t trust President Joe Biden when he was running for President, and his approval rating has plummeted since he began his Presidency.

Biden can’t even read a teleprompter anymore. During a speech on September 2nd, 2021, Biden said, “I’ve talked. I’ve tasked my…” trying to explain who he put in charge of the relief effort after Hurricane Ida, and it shows you how uninvolved Biden is in his Presidency. Shouldn’t he already know this? It’s not hard to tell the American people who’s in charge of the efforts to save lives from Hurricane Ida when Biden was the one who put him in order.

After his senile speech, he walked away without taking any questions. Almost 50 people have lost their lives to Hurricane Ida, and Biden doesn’t care, or is he incapable? Probably both. After gold star families told their story of meeting Biden, it seems he’s as disingenuous as he makes himself sound. As long as Biden can go back to Delaware for vacations, he doesn’t care about questions.

Biden’s behavior isn’t new. After Biden was reportedly denied communion at a South Carolina church, he doesn’t want to get involved in the Texas Heartbeat law, but everyone wants to know his opinion. The press had to ask Press Secretary Jen Psaki instead of hearing from Biden.

The best possible explanation is that Biden knows he’s running out of time in the Presidency, or his staff tells him not to answer questions. The man can’t even read the teleprompter, much less form a sentence on his own. And his message to New Orleans citizens isn’t going far. They’re out of power right now and will be for several weeks. Why repeat the FEMA number 100 times?

At least Vice President Kamala Harris has been addressing Americans. Oh wait, she’s completely absent. After Harris’ trip to Saigon and Vietnam, she’s been absent from any media or attention, and it’s not by mistake. Harris has a lot to focus on, including picking a Vice President for her eventual President after Biden is impeached or the 25th amendment is enacted. The 25th amendment is more likely as the 2022 mid-term election closes in. So, who will she pick? Who knows. Unless she chooses AOC, there aren’t any strong Democrats around her that would fit the job, but AOC isn’t very likable either, at least not outside of her district.

Somebody, anybody, needs to answer questions. Too much has happened for the federal government to ignore questions at this point. Though Jen Psaki answers questions, she’s not very good at it. Her answers usually consist of a question back to the reporters or a misguided response because the honest answer would shed light on the incompetence of the White House.

Americans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for answers. Somebody needs to step up and give the American people what they deserve.