“Against Campaign Promise” – Biden Considers Watered-Down Version Of Trump-Era ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy

Former President Donald Trump’s policies work better than almost every policy President Joe Biden has put in place. It’s evident when policy decisions reach the Supreme Court. They have gotten shut down more times than not. Even outside Biden’s policies, a federal court ruled that citizens 18-20 years old cannot purchase pistols, and California’s AR-15 ban was unconstitutional. Talk about a blowback to Beto O’Rourke’s suggestion of “Hell yes, I’m going to take your AR-15.”

Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy made sense. It placed standards on immigrants waiting for their legalization status that they couldn’t just “chill out” in the United States while awaiting a court’s decision. It’s been proven that only a tiny percentage of immigrants show up to their court dates. They settle in and make no effort to gain legalization status.

Yes, some immigrants desperately need to enter the United States to seek asylum or shelter, and those aren’t the individuals mentioned. That statement is important so the “woke” mob won’t disqualify the thoughts in this article.

Illegal immigration has reached over 1 million, and the country isn’t happy. The border issue goes much deeper than just the legalization of immigrants. It affects tax rates, inflation, the job market, and many other aspects of US society. Many Americans born in the US have worked diligently to further their business and life. With the stroke of a pen, life has been threatened by over a million immigrants that will affect American policy and voting for years to come. Democrats want more votes because they realize that it’s going to be harder to cheat. Mexican immigrants tend to vote Democrat because Democrats have a looser strain on immigrants.

Notice how Biden didn’t let Cubans into the US? Secretary of State Antony Blinken refused to state that they were allowed in, and it’s because they understand dictatorship rule and are more likely to vote Republican. It’s a numbers game that Democrats are getting good at, and now that they have control of the Presidency, Senate, and Congress, they’re using it to their advantage for as long as they can. It’s disgusting. Politics should be fair and transparent, but we don’t live in that world, and it’s slipping further and further toward a socialistic dictatorship by the Democrat party.

The Biden administration is currently speaking to Mexico to develop a watered-down strategy that incorporates the “remain in Mexico” policy that keeps a small number of immigrants in Mexico but gives them a better life and more access to federal attorneys and still makes good on his campaign promise.

You wonder what the US would look like if Biden kept his promise to the Black American community rather than pander to illegal immigrants and the Taliban. What a disgrace. If Biden isn’t careful, he will end up getting impeached for not obeying the law, which we all know he’s already violated.