Air Travel is Not Looking Good

During COVID-19, air travel largely shut down. This happened as a result of shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, and other restrictions imposed upon individuals’ movements. Many airline workers were also encouraged to retire or forcibly laid off due to not taking COVID-19 vaccines.

Once COVID-19 restrictions ended, however, demand for travel boomed. After being cooped up for so long, Americans became more than eager to return to flights and get back to their daily lives.

Meanwhile, airlines haven’t been at all prepared for this surge in demand. This comes in spite of them getting significant bailouts from the federal government in 2020.

In real-time, air travel is far from its pre-2020 state.

The Latest Problems With Air Travel
This past weekend, thousands of flights were delayed or canceled.

This naturally posed issues for travelers on tight schedules or with plans to make connecting flights. Over the past year alone, travelers have reported being stranded at airports and missing out on celebratory engagements they were set to attend.

Now, airline workers are speaking out about just how poorly air travel is going these days. The entire system appears to be on a collision course from the sound of things.

Flight attendants, right now, are being worked harder than ever as a means of compensating for shortages. Yet, as this happens, it’s working against airlines’ efforts to get more workers on the beat.

Many people who may have considered working for airlines are being largely put off by the issues facing current workers, according to flight attendants on the job today.

At this time, many flight attendants are seeing their break times get shorter, as their risks of exhaustion or sickness increase. As a result of all this chaos that airline workers face on a daily basis, many are now turning to their companies for pay increases.

Airlines Self-sabotaging?
Unfortunately, despite all the issues facing airlines, new recruits for these companies are still mandated to have COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, this works against airlines’ own efforts to get more staffers on the job to reduce the current employee shortage.

One pilot with Southwest Airlines even explained that many Americans don’t know about the vaccine requirement that stands for new airline workers. All things considered, there’s no telling when air travel is going to return to its former glory.