Airline CEOs Raise Questions About Efficacy Of Masking On Aircraft

Politicians, bureaucrats, and so-called health officials have lost all credibility regarding face masks and vaccinations. At every single turn, these people contradict themselves, providing their agendas are rooted in the lust for control rather than a genuine desire to preserve public health.

When COVID vaccines became available, the aforementioned leaders declared getting everyone vaccinated was the key to ending the virus. However, as vaccination rates continue to climb, so are new variants.

Conveniently, politicians, bureaucrats, and so-called health officials have found a way to keep mask mandates alive; this comes despite these very people saying COVID vaccines were the key to taking off masks.

Well, as it turns out, there’s a difference between actual science and people in power using science as a front to run wild with mandates. As confirmed by TheBlaze, two different airline CEOs had some interesting comments regarding using face masks on aircraft.

While speaking during a Senate hearing, the CEOs of both Southwest and American Airlines spoke candidly about the reality of air travelers wearing face coverings on airlines.

Both CEOs attest that masks don’t do much on aircraft. This reality is because the air filtration systems on planes ensure the cleanliness of the air. To be precise, this cleanliness is made possible by HEPA filters, along with the flow of air.

The CEOs additionally confirmed aircraft is one of the safest environments where individuals can congregate. In an interesting twist, these admissions from the Southwest and American Airlines CEOs come as they step down from their posts next year.

Whenever COVID-related mandates face any form of pushback, left-wing bureaucrats (like Anthony Fauci) and other pro-mandate sycophants scream that people must “trust the science.”

However, there’s a major distinction between science and junk science. Based on the statements from the outgoing airlines CEOs, the science clearly shows that masks do little to nothing on aircraft due to planes’ air filtration systems.
Democrats will not admit this, though. Many leftists lashed out at the Southwest and American Airlines CEOs. Not only did they attack these officials for speaking out, but Democrats also stated there should be even more restrictions for people to be able to travel via air.

Despite what leftists want people to believe, they are not the arbiters or heralds of science. Democrats are twisting and manipulating science. They’ll say anything to try and get their way with more mandates and control.