Al Gore Let’s Slip Plans To Use Artificial Intelligence To Track Climate Criminals Worldwide

Al Gore still won’t shut up about climate change. He’s found a new voice and has been able to push his views in a new way now. And by new ways, I mean new estimates on when the world will succumb to climate change as it has been since the beginning of the 1900s. Nobody has gotten it right, and with the estimations that have been made, lower Manhattan should be underwater between 2008 and 2018.

There’s no doubt that these people are idiots. They claim that climate change is causing coastal waters to rise, yet they all own beach houses. President Joe Biden owns a beach house in Wilmington, Delaware and former President Barack Obama has a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard.

What Al Gore should know is that he’s a massive hypocrite. Gore said about population control, “That’s the most powerful leveraging factor. When that happens, then the population begins to stabilize, and societies begin to make better choices.”

That was in 2011, and Gore has four children. Not a shining example of “fertility management,” as he suggested everyone else should practice. He’s a piece of garbage.

Gore also enjoys taking private jets, and also in 2011, he’s reported to have ridden in a private jet from Nashville, TN to Washington, D.C. Then he lectured Congress on fossil fuels.

I want to see Gore lecture Xi Jinping, dictator, I mean president, of China. He’s never going to because they would laugh at him. Gore can only make money if he can convince elite politicians to go along with his nonsense.

Now, Gore wants to use artificial intelligence to track emissions. It’s called Climate TRACE Coalition, and it will track power plants, farms, etc. In an attempt to slow climate change. Talk about governmental overreach. There’s no way that anyone should be okay with being monitored in any way, and you shouldn’t think that it won’t be used to push political agendas. Welcome to a lobbyist’s dream.

It is opening the door to corruption because now there will be a target on everyone’s back when their emissions are a bit out of the acceptable range. Then, they can pay a politician to ignore it. If you don’t believe that, look up the tobacco industry throughout history and look deeper into the opioid crisis.

Gore’s own words are that there will be satellites and sensors that can track the amount of pollution coming from specific areas. Our only hope is that they’ll go over the top of China first, and the ridiculous amount of pollution will fry their system and overload the monitoring apparatuses.

Gore wants activists, governments, and investors to have the information gathered, and if they want to hold them accountable, they can. Yeah, that’s never gone wrong before. Just look at Black Lives Matter and Antifa in 2020. Next, activists are going to burn down farms that have too many cows.

In reality, the wealthiest 1% are responsible for more carbon emissions than the lower 99%.

Oxfam International reported, “Looking at total global emissions, instead of per capita emissions, the richest 1% fewer people than the population of Germany are expected to account for 16% of total global emissions by 2030, up from 13% in 1990 and 15% in 2015.” They also said that the top 10% will exceed the 1.5-degree Celsius level by 2030, and it doesn’t matter what the other 90% does.

It means that Gore will get very rich by taking donations from the elites to cover up their emissions. Thanks, Gore. You’re making a difference.