Alabama Officer Survives Murder Attempt In Front Yard Of Home

An off-duty Alabama police officer is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a stranger in a Jeep parked in front of his home last Tuesday. And the attack wasn’t with a gun.

Decatur policeman Jack Brown was at home with his family during the afternoon when he noticed a black Jeep parked in front of his residence. Unfamiliar with the vehicle, Brown went outside and asked the driver if he could be of assistance.

That’s when everything hit the fan.

The driver, now identified as 54-year-old Gregory Martin Hill, swore at the off-duty officer and then backed out of the driveway. And then he attempted to run Brown over.

A doorbell camera captured the entire incident, which naturally went viral like wildfire.

The Jeep hits a tree and Brown tumbles to the ground. He then gets back up and runs inside his house and Hill also exits the Jeep and comes running towards the home. The assailant then returns to the crashed vehicle, and that’s when Brown returns with a pistol.

Hill refused to get on the ground when repeatedly instructed and instead got back into the Jeep. Officer Brown tried to get him out of the driver’s seat before Hill drove the vehicle directly into the officer, who then fired several shots into the Jeep.

Brown was pushed across the yard and Hill ran over his legs. A civilian witness came to his aid, and together with Brown was able to subdue the suspect.

Bond for Hill has been set at $1 million. He was initially charged with only second-degree assault but now faces attempted murder. Brown was treated at a local hospital and released. There is apparently no connection between the officer and suspect.

As if any more proof was needed, guns are not the only way that people are assaulted and threatened every day in this country. And in this instance, it was the fast reaction by the assaulted officer and intervention from a bystander that kept the situation from a tragic ending.