Alejandro Mayorkas And Our Broken Homeland Security System

If you have a home security system, you would like it to work. If people break into your home, alarms should sound, lights should appear, video recordings begin, allowing your preparation, and the authorities should be notified.

Feeble and dementia riddled anti-President Joe Biden recently uttered some nonsense about the border crisis he created. But Joe is retired. He is working an extra job for vacation money, and because Obama and Jill told him to.

We are consistently left wondering who is really in charge? Biden is treating the position of US President like being a welcoming face at Walmart.

He is our Greeter in Chief. He has insourced decision-making to his kitchen cabinet and staff.

That is where Mayorkas comes in. DHS chief Mayorkas attempted to deal with the complex reality of immigration smoothly and calmly in recent television appearances. He must think that his personality points will earn him a pass.

Mayorkas declared that at least 10,000 unlawful immigrants were staying in Del Rio, Texas. Or something like that. Maybe 12,000 were there, Mayorkas said, “It very well may be significantly higher.” So, the number keeps going up. And he admitted that they had sent many people from the immigrant camp on the Southern Border back to Haiti, where most originated.

He said that he was observing the law. Mayorkas has turned the Border Patrol into a tourism service, and he is only encouraging more people to attempt to cross. Returning 3,000 illegal aliens sounds good, but 12,000 have now been delivered into the inside of the US.

It appears to respond to concerns about illegal immigrants entering the country without COVID-19 testing or vaccination. Mayorkas said that there are no worries to stress over.

However, the 12,000-14,000 immigrants (this number keeps getting larger) who have been transported into this country have NOT been tested for COVID-19. They have also NOT been tested for measles, infections, leishmaniasis, mumps, and tuberculosis, among a host of illnesses. How are we supposed to take this administration seriously when mandating vaccines for American citizens but refusing even to test, let alone vaccinate illegal aliens.

Mayorkas claimed that this group of Hattians should be classified as refugees and displaced people like those we accepted from Chile and Brazil in 2010.

Gallup recently indicated that around 158 million individuals would like to move to the United States. And apparently, Mayorkas is rolling out the welcome mat.

Additionally, the false Story about Border Patrol agents on horseback utilizing “whips” only further damages the security of the southern border. Split reins are utilized in unpleasant roadless landscapes to avoid choking on a brush, and we should support men and women in uniform who are doing their job well. Yet Mayorkas claims that some bad apples in the Border Patrol “will pay.” He went on lying about our enforcement mechanisms in place, stating that mounted patrols “assemble data and once in a while help individuals” but do not secure the border.

He seems to think that the immigration framework is “broken,” which sounds like blame-shifting. Who broke it, Tony? Mayorkas appears to be a smooth criminal and liar, assigned by the Democrat party to run interference on the fundamental transformation of this nation.

Remember that when Mark Steyn quoted Auguste Comte, “Demography is destiny,” this is what he was talking about.