Alex Jones To Jan 6 Committee: “I’ll Just Plead The 5th, Let’s Do This Over Email”

Alex Jones is suing the Jan 6 committee not to be compelled to testify before Congress, CNN’s Katelyn Polantz reported Monday. The suit follows a back and forth between Mr. Jones and the congressional committee, with Jones offering to provide any records requested but not appearing in person to testify. The lawsuit also states, according to CNN:

“Jones has informed the Select Committee that he plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. The Select Committee has stated that it may seek immunity for Jones and other witnesses through the courts.”

Jones intends to raise the First Amendment in his petition to the court, asserting in the lawsuit that he is “engaged in constitutionally protected political and journalistic activity” under the First Amendment. As Kyle Cheney and Josh Gerstein mentioned in a report at The Politico, “He has not been charged with any offenses linked to the Capitol attack.”

Alex Jones has been the subject of repeated, severe harassment by many credentialed corporate media outlets since the Jan 6 riots, insinuating that he was responsible in part for the disorderly conduct and outbreaks of violence that day.

That’s just the news industry attacking the competition, and they know who the real competition is for them, doing the job they should have been doing all along. It’s embarrassing to them that he’s such a weird, angry, expressive guy from Austin, Texas, who lives up to the ideals of journalism better than they do.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In a video published to InfoWars on Jan 7, transcripted at PBS, after Donald Trump gives his speech and the crowd begins to disperse, Alex Jones said:

“We’ve come to peacefully reclaim our rightful country because we’re not globalist, Antifa criminals. So let us begin marching, and I salute each one of you.”

Later, with a bullhorn in hand, he stated:

“We’re neither Antifa nor the Black Lives Matter movement. You’re great. I adore you. Let’s march around the other side instead of fighting the cops and giving the system what it wants. We are peaceful, and we have triumphed in this election. And, as much as I enjoy seeing Trump flags flying over this, we don’t need to fight the cops. They’re going to make that the focus of the story. I’m going to march to the other side, where we have a stage and can peacefully occupy.”

On this latest development in Jones’ brawl with the Jan 6 committee, Charles Davis at Business Insider tagged him in the first paragraph as a far-right, extremist, misinformation guy. He was against both Gulf Wars, supported gay marriage before Obama or Hillary, and constantly reported evil things corporations are up to. So they’re misinformation, guys.