All Roads Lead To The 2022 Midterm Elections

At this point, the country is approximately one year away from the midterm elections. Furthermore, a generic ballot recently gave the Republican Party a ten-point lead over Democrats amongst voters. To date, this is the highest lead the GOP has garnered in respective midterm polls in decades.

With the way Republicans managed to oust Democrats from power in Virginia earlier this month, things are looking pretty good for GOP victories next November. Let’s not also forget redistricting (which currently favors Republicans) in addition to the considerable number of House Democrats who are choosing to forfeit their seats in Congress.

While winning the midterm elections looks very likely for the Republican Party, it is profoundly important to understand just how impactful these elections will be for the nation, as PJ Media explains.

Congress has an enormous amount of power in America. They can reject the president’s agenda altogether or help reinforce it. Congress can enable impeachment proceedings or shut them down from ever seeing the light of day.

Right now, Congress is controlled by Democrats, albeit very narrowly. Under Democratic control, Congress has also shown that it fully intends to back the Biden administration’s agenda, despite the havoc it’s already wreaking on the nation.

It is why all roads lead to the 2022 midterms. The outcome of these races will determine whether Democrats solidify their majorities or whether or not Republicans retake power and restore order to this nation.

If Democrats win, America will see more inflation, additional supply chain problems, and life in the United States will get more complicated. By contrast, if Republicans win in 2022, at the very least, the federal government can block additional destructive bills and measures the Biden administration wants to codify into law.

The 2022 midterm elections will ultimately reveal whether or not America continues down the road of tyranny or make an abject shift back to the road of freedom.

Despite the bleak nature of affairs in America today, hope exists. Biden’s approval ratings remain sincerely in the toilet. It is a sign that America will likely elect Republicans rather than Biden’s Democratic reinforcements seeking re-election.

Independent voters are also another critical factor, as they carry the power to tip elections in one direction. Numerous polls show increasing numbers of Independents who are not pleased with Biden’s job performance or policies. It is another bit of foreshadowing for what’s to come in November 2022.

At this time, there is a theory that Biden and the Democrats overplayed their hand after the 2020 presidential election. Time and votes will determine the legitimacy of this theory.