Alyssa Milano: fathers telling sons to ‘take care of your mother’ is misogynistic

Alyssa Milano, who is well-known for her questionable tweets, sent out yet another post that received heavy backlash as she attacked fathers for telling their sons to “take care” of their mothers.

According to the “Who’s the Boss?” actress, telling your son to “take care of your mother” is misogynistic.

On the evening of April 14, Milano tweeted: “Can we stop saying to our sons things like: ‘take care of your mother while I’m gone.’ This is insinuating that women can’t take care of ourselves. And it’s bulls**t.”

Of course, the actress was immediately met with severe backlash from Twitter users. Some pointed out that there was nothing wrong with fathers telling their sons to care for their mothers, while others called Milano out, claiming she was fishing for attention.

“The only thing it might ‘insinuate’ to women who can actually take care of themselves is a fatherly sense of familial love & duty encouraged to sons staying behind on the homefront while dad’s away. Regular healthy women aren’t offended by this,” tweeted actor Adam Baldwin.

“No. Boys need to become men,” reporter Alana Mastrangelo replied.

“Imagine being married to someone who hates men this much,” said actor Nick Searcy.

“Run out of things to be outraged over, huh,” tweeted author Chad Felix Greene.

“Mental illness,” said YouTuber Adam Grandmaison.

Tablet Magazine’s Noam Blum fired back, writing: “Or maybe the point is to make the kid feel important and responsible and not everything is about you.”

YouTuber Justin Whang joked: “Father on his deathbed: Take care of your mother while I’m gone. Alyssa Milano: This is insinuating that women can’t take care of ourselves. And it’s bullsh**t. Father: *dies*”

“Alyssa Milano is so self-centered she doesn’t realize it’s at least in part for the benefit of teaching boys to look out for and protect others, especially the women in their lives. Ironic that she was one of the people who spoke during the me too movement,” one Twitter user wrote.

“God forbid that people ask families to…act like families,” another person said.

“What @Alyssa_Milano doesn’t realize is that her statement further deprives boys of opportunities to learn compassion and respect for women. Her ‘woke’ opinion only hurts women and ensures boys remain boys, like all wokeism,” another Twitter user replied.

Thanks to the backlash she received, Milano made it so that only people she follows could reply to her tweet, which is a common tactic among the left due to their penchant for avoiding debate. Unfortunately for her, even her own followers called her out for her ridiculous tweet.

Reuters reporter Rollo Ross replied: “I understand this take if it’s from a man but everybody who said this to me growing up was female and in that respect, I don’t feel it was a bad thing. It showed me just how much my mother was doing for me and that I could and should help her out rather than being complacent.”

Columnist Leslie Streeter responded: “As a widow who lost my husband when my son was not yet 2, I don’t feel the same way you do about it. It’s not ‘Protect her from a bear’ on an episode of ‘Little House.’ I feel my husband would just want my son to love me and comfort me.”

Milano’s tweet caused her name to trend on Twitter over the weekend, which led to her sending out another tweet to respond to the controversy. Of course, she once again reiterated that everything is about misogyny.

“Apparently, I trended on Twitter today for tweeting that saying things to our sons like: ‘take care of your mother,’ implies to the son that women are incapable of taking care of themselves. The fact that this recognition of innate misogyny trended is part of the problem,” the actress wrote.