AMA Declares Abortion Laws ‘Human Rights Violations’

The powerful American Medical Association revealed that it is responding to states that enact stronger abortion laws, and that response is to come out swinging. This came as the nation’s largest organization of doctors and medical students is holding its annual meeting in Chicago.

The AMA said that governments passing laws covering medicine and blocking access to “reproductive services” is a human rights violation. The group’s new president, Dr. Jack Resneck Jr., said laws increasingly “insert government into the patient-physician relationship.”

Authorities, Resneck said, are involved in “over-policing and surveillance” of reproductive health services. He accuses authorities of “dictating limits or bans” on basic medical care.

Multiple states are in its crosshairs, including Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Mississippi and others. The body said it will take legal action to protect women seeking abortions and doctors who perform them against state laws.

The association promises to oppose bans on the practice and will challenge those who would impose criminal or civil penalties. That includes patients, doctors, and other health care workers.

The inspiration for this push is the coming Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. A decision is possible any day, and the controversial leaked draft opinion written in February indicates the high court is ready to send abortion decisions back to the states.

Former AMA President Dr. Gerald E. Harmon argued last year that the case before the high court has no scientific basis.

The AMA ventured into other areas at their annual meeting and addressed various issues with statements. One declared climate change to be a public health crisis and called for studying ways to decarbonize health care facilities.

Another decreed firearm violence to also be a public health crisis and supports adding warning labels to ammunition packaging.

Still another urged controlling the public health “infodemic.” What is deemed to be “disinformation” is recommended to be handled by education and fact-checking. And, if necessary, discipline.

Delegates instructed the AMA to study its policies and find those that should be changed or axed to reflect this set of “core values.” Does this include the Hippocratic Oath, and do unborn children qualify for this most basic of all medical and ethical foundations?