American Girl Book Pushing Trans Ideology On Children

Mattel’s American Girl brand is facing heavy backlash over a book published by the doll company that encourages young girls to explore their gender identity and offers resources that encourage children to discuss gender confusion with people other than their parents.

“A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image: How to Love Yourself, Live Life to the Fullest, and Celebrate All Kinds of Bodies” drew attention this month after a Daily Mail article exposed some of the pages in the book that contain lines that advise young girls on how to change their gender – without the guidance of their parents.

Among other recommendations about how to improve body image, the book advises girls between three and 12 about how to delay puberty by seeking a doctor’s help if they need more time to think about their gender identity. And if they have already gone through puberty, the book says that “a doctor can still help.”

The book also suggests experimenting with either feminine hairstyles or buzz cuts to find a gender identity that makes them comfortable.

The book offers a set of resources for kids who do not feel comfortable talking to the adults in their life.

A quote in the book by YouTube personality Jazz Jennings says, “Being transgender isn’t a medical transition. It’s a process of learning to love yourself for who you are.”

Parents have voiced their outrage over what some are calling “deceptive and dangerous messages that convince girls to question their bodies.”

On Fox News, Nicole Solas, a mom and fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum Education Freedom Center, said the book was “upsetting.” She expressed concern that the book tells little girls that stopping puberty is a way to love their bodies. Solas said that the book actually teaches the kids self-loathing.

The book has received more than 200 negative reviews on American Girl’s website.

The doll company told USA Today that medical experts were consulted for the book to have accurate information and that the book “consistently emphasizes the importance of having conversations and discussing any feelings with parents or trusted adults.”

Other toy companies that have pushed the “woke” agenda to kids include Lego, Bratz and Barbie. Earlier this year, Out Magazine published a list of six LGBTQ+ dolls, including “Mattel’s gender-neutral dolls, which come with “androgynous bodies, wigs, accessories, and clothes for all kinds of unique gender presentations.”