Americans Are Being Warned to Get Out of Russia While They Still Can

In recent weeks, the war in Ukraine has taken a turn. Thanks to massive spending and exporting of U.S. military equipment, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been able to keep the war going

Russian President Vladimir Putin has started mobilizing and drafting members of the country to go to war in Ukraine. As all this plays out, the U.S. Embassy in Russia has a chilling message for American citizens who are still in the country.

Leave While You Have the Chance
In a nutshell, any American who is still in Russia should vacate the country as soon as possible and without hesitation. According to the US Embassy, even it is limited in the aid it can provide to Americans, including those who have dual citizenship with Russia.

The U.S. Embassy goes on to warn that Americans could be forcibly drafted by the Russian government to fight in the war against Ukraine. On top of that, the regime may not even acknowledge those with dual citizenship and could actively work to keep them in Russia.

As many Russian citizens try to flee the nation to avoid being drafted in the war, the U.S. Embassy states that modes of transportation out of the country are becoming much harder to find.

In another key point, the U.S. Embassy is reminding Americans that their rights in the states don’t apply in Russia. This includes liberties for U.S. citizens to peaceably assemble and verbally express themselves.

Americans who remain in Russia are likewise advised to steer clear of political events and not to record or photograph these demonstrations.

Using Americans as Political Weapons
Amid Putin’s growing frustration with America and other Western countries supplying Ukraine with weapons, U.S. citizens in Russia are extremely vulnerable.