Americans Hold Biden’s “Feet To The Fire” Over Terrible First Year In Office

Most folks in the United States are not thrilled with the direction. It was evident in poll after poll, showing that only 33% of the American public approves of how Biden’s doing.

It’s also evidenced in the data showing that over seven out of ten Americans would like Biden to pay more attention to economic issues, like historical inflation. Meanwhile, Biden stated that he doesn’t take what the polls say about him at face value this month.

Therefore, on Thursday, Biden took it upon himself to boast on Twitter about what a fantastic job he thinks he’s doing as President. In light of this, Americans didn’t hesitate to give this failed President a cold, hard reality check, as TheBlaze confirms.

The American people called out the President to comment on his tenure as unity, light, healing, love, etc.

Although the specific nature of the responses varied, the overarching message was more than apparent. Multiple Twitter users declared that Biden’s presidency has been highly divisive, contrary to his handlers telling him.

Other folks on social media likened the Biden presidency to the American horror story and declared he has no idea what he is talking about.

Thursday also served as a clear reminder about the danger of a US President being out of touch. Instead of ignoring or dismissing the polls, Biden ought to be paying attention to them. He should also be mindful of how Americans respond to him instead of blindly declaring that everything is fine and dandy.

Despite what the White House may have a vested interest in making the country believe, the GOP and conservatives are not the only Americans with Biden issues.

In fact, over the past several weeks, progressive Democrats have been openly talking about putting up a candidate to primary Biden in 2024. Progressives believe the 46th President failed them by not following through on his campaign promises to make student loans and climate change disappear.

If Biden truly believes that his first year has been one of unity, togetherness, and light, then he indeed is completely removed from reality. It either speaks to willful ignorance or outright delusion on his end. Neither one is in the best interests of the United States.