An Arrest Has Been Made in Connection With Arizona Wildfire

Natural disasters have serious consequences on the human lives they touch and impact. This has been seen throughout history and even to this day. Droughts, wildfires, and other storms often seriously displace individuals in ways they cannot anticipate.

Not all disasters occur without assistance. In fact, there have been cases of fires being intentionally started or worsened by people with their own agendas.

When this happens, the impacts are even more dangerous and demand law enforcement to find the responsible person(s).

In Arizona, one man has been taken into police custody, owing to his alleged involvement in the state’s Pipeline Fire.

Everything to Know About the Arrest Made in Arizona
On Sunday, law enforcement officers apprehended a 57-year-old man in connection with the Pipeline Fire. This individual was seen driving away from the fire, prompting police to carry out a traffic stop.

Federal officials have not confirmed or denied this; although, the man taken into custody over the weekend has been processed into the sheriff’s detention facility in Coconino County, Arizona.

This past Sunday, the fire actually took a turn for the worst by getting even more dangerous. Strong winds aren’t helping the matter and have paved the way for the wildfire to spread and cause more damage.

Evacuations and More in Arizona
Air tankers, choppers, and firefighters have been hard at work to shut down this wildfire once and for all. However, in the meantime, people in the vicinity of Pipeline Fire have been ordered to evacuate for their own safety.

Thus far, at least 700 Coconino County households have been given evacuation orders. Officials also warn that more than 2,400 others may soon need to relocate if the issues with Pipeline Fire continue on their current trajectory.

Sadly, this is not the first go-around that Arizona’s had with serious and devastating wildfires over the years.