Andrea Mitchell Doesn’t Think Sanctions Are Enough For Russia, But What About China?

President Joe Biden seems to think that he will come out victorious over Russia and Vladimir Putin. Still, it doesn’t seem like Biden has come out victorious over anything, at least in his presidency. Biden has shown absolute weakness in a foreign conflict, and every American is suffering from it.

Andrea Mitchell, an MSNBC host, said, “I think Joe Biden has a lot of confidence in his foreign policy abilities and gets quite protective about some of the criticism he’s received in the past from people like Robert Gates, the former Defense Secretary, who described him very coldly and harshly.”

What did Gates say?

Gates said that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Whether it be killing Osama bin Laden or Biden waving sanctions on Nord Stream 2, or the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has failed at everything. There’s not one success story that Biden has to offer since he became President.

As far as the past four decades, it’s extremely important to show a pattern of behavior that was ignored.

Mitchell continued, “I don’t believe he sees himself as being tested by Putin. I believe he believes he is capable of completing this work. And that Putin will become engulfed in Ukraine in the same way that the United States was engulfed in Afghanistan for 20 years.”

What makes Biden think that Putin would behave the same way the US did in Afghanistan? The rules of war are considerably different between the two countries.

The other host on the show, John Heilemann, spoke about a letter from Bathsheba Nell Crocker that Russia was willing to violate human rights in their invasion into Ukraine.

Mitchell said, “Will the US response be sanctioned if the events described in this letter occur? Is it possible that this would be the US response to war crimes, atrocities, and human rights violations on the scale outlined in this letter?”

Did Mitchell forget that China has an estimated 100,000 Uyghur Muslims enslaved right now? That number could be deficient.

The letter details “specified Ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps following a military occupation.” Russia is also willing to use “lethal means to disperse peaceful protests or otherwise neutralize peaceful exercises of perceived resistance from civilian populations,” according to the statement.

With all of this being said, sanctions are a lot more than what the US is doing to China, and there is verified proof that China enslaves people. The only difference is that Congress and Biden won’t do anything about it because we can get products made cheap in China. It’s profit over morals.