Andrew Cuomo Picks Fight With New York Attorney General

Now former-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) resigned from office after numerous women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Before leaving office, Cuomo denied these claims, said his prior actions were misconstrued, and accused New York Attorney General Letita James, a fellow Democrat, of having a vendetta against him.

Since Cuomo’s exit from office, rumors have swirled that he’s biding his time and will eventually go for a political comeback. Certain rumors also indicated that Cuomo may even try to reclaim his old job as New York’s governor.

While Cuomo hasn’t confirmed or denied these claims, he did bring a state ethics complaint against James.

What to Know About Cuomo’s Ethics Complaint
The former New York governor is accusing the state attorney general of lying to the public about the women who made accusations against him.

Cuomo also argues that James’ handling of these allegations was entirely designed to boost her own career and disgrace him in the public eye.

In this complaint, Cuomo points out that even after evidence didn’t result in him being found guilty in a court of law, the attorney general declared him as guilty anyway.

New York’s ex-governor even argues the allegations made against him that James investigated “mostly” didn’t count as sexual harassment.

Some Americans have speculated this ethics complaint is part of Cuomo trying to salvage his image and work his way back into politics. Though since filing this complaint against the attorney general, Cuomo’s now being sued by one of the women who alleges he harassed her.

Pushback From James
Amid the ethics complaint from the former New York governor, James released a rebuttal through her spokesperson.

According to the New York attorney general, she and her aides have never ceased to hold themselves to high ethical norms. James then goes on to claim Cuomo resigned from office because he targeted women under his employment.

Finally, the attorney general expressed that people in New York are ready to move on from Cuomo and the various scandals associated with him.

All things considered, it looks like Cuomo is gearing up for a fight and preparing to pull out all the stops. Americans can expect to hear more about this in the weeks ahead.