Anti-Business CA Dem Calls Musk ‘Snowflake’ For Moving Tesla To Austin, TX

Lorena Gonzalez, the California Democratic assemblywoman who last year tweeted out Elon Musk’s name prefixed with the F word, has retaken to Twitter to curse and grumble at the tech and auto industry titan for daring to care about his business and his employees instead of the hysterical coronavirus narrative pushed by intransigently dishonest news journalists and politicians since January 2020.

Following news that Mr. Musk decided to go ahead and move Tesla’s corporate headquarters away from Silicon Valley or Palo Alto, California, to Austin, Texas, Gonzalez once again took to her smartphone to smart off. Still, she doesn’t look too bright after not learning how politicians should approach industry after her first big blunder.

Along with rolling on the floor crying laughing emoji, assemblywoman Gonzales asked in a tweet, “you mean Elon Musk is such a snowflake he moved from California because I said a censored bad word about him?” The Democratic lawmaker added, “Wow, isn’t that weak.”

Having the power to tell someone to go to hell in any negotiation is strength, not weakness. Gonzales and her ilk are more than weak, entirely powerless to stop Elon Musk from leaving their jurisdictions and moving to a place that appreciates all the good they bring to the community, treats them with respect, and doesn’t violate their rights. On the other hand, Musk has the almost unmatched strength of all people in the world to decide where to build multi-billion-dollar high-tech manufacturing facilities.

Tesla, Inc., one of the world’s most valuable automakers, with a total market capitalization of more than $780 billion as equities markets opened for stock trading Monday morning, will not only relocate its corporate headquarters to Austin, Texas but will also invest a sizable sum in building a new car assembly and battery plant in Austin, all at California’s expense.

Those could have been jobs for Californians, and tax revenue for California, which despite having the largest economy of any state, and an economy richer than most nations, has a perennial financial crisis with its state’s budget because its far-left “progressive” politicians are so hell-bent on regressing the Golden State back to an era of feudal fiefdom, with all business, households, and private organizations under the strict and arbitrary rule of politicians and bureaucrats. 

California is practically the Platonic exemplar of a failed social welfare and fascist regulatory state. It is brazenly, unrepentantly anti-business in its entire stance toward all private profit-making enterprises, even though the state depends on those profits to steal for its ill-gotten largesse. That is why, while being by far the largest, Tesla is far from the first corporation to leave California in recent months. Still, literally hundreds of corporate headquarters have relocated in recent years, fleeing the People’s Republic of California for business-friendly, conservative states like Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.