Anti-Israel Protesters Chant Against Biden Outside Correspondents’ Dinner

Anti-Israel demonstrators screamed at political leaders and celebrities attending Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Extremists chanted “[expletive] Joe Biden” and created a noisy spectacle outside the event at the Washington Hilton.

Witnesses reported protesters throwing fake blood and yelling at attendees as they arrived and later left.

One of the guests was former Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner, who posted a rebuke of the disruption on X, formerly Twitter.

Jenner wrote, “Shame on the hundreds of terrorist sympathizers and the Hamas lovers outside last night’s [dinner] that were far from peaceful. There is no place for you or your vitriolic antisemitism in this country.”

Fox News reporter Katie Pavlich was greeted with chants of “You’re not welcome here.” One protester told her she should be doing her job in Gaza and claimed she was “complicit in this genocide.”

For whatever reason, photos appeared to show some demonstrators waving dollar bills at attendees.

The throng outside the hotel chanted “Shame on you” as people with no connection to the war in the Middle East rushed by. They also blasted Western news sources for either not covering the war enough or misrepresenting events in Gaza.

Some sprawled out on the street during the protest in an attempt to disrupt the gathering.

Inside the ritzy event, there was hardly a mention of the chaos outside. Biden resorted to predictable jabs at former President Donald Trump and warning that if Republicans retake the White House it will be the end of democracy.

He did not mention the war in Gaza or demonstrations by anti-Israel agitators.

Biden took a different route than normal to the hotel, which has hosted the dinner for years. His motorcade avoided the throngs protesting Israel’s war on terrorism.

The site was protected by more street closures than normal. The Secret Service instituted stronger protocols for what spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi called “the highest levels of safety and security for attendees.”

The latest conflict in the Middle East was triggered by the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists. At least 1,200 people were killed and hundreds more were taken hostage.