Antifa ‘Allegedly’ Wounds Proud Boys With Gunshot At Vaccine Mandate Protest

A member of Antifa allegedly shot a Proud Boys member at an anti-vaccine mandate protest in Olympia, Washington Saturday. That shows you what vaccine mandates are about.

They’re not about what’s best for you or public health. It’s about exercising control over the bodies, lives, and freedoms of others by force.

Fox News reported that during an anti-vaccine mandate protest in Olympia, the Antifa counter-protester allegedly drew a firearm and discharged the weapon, wounding a Proud Boys demonstrator in the leg. The outlet did not confirm the shooting victim’s identity, though reports from the scene identify the victim as Tusitala “Tiny” Toese.

Mr. Toese, who goes by the nickname “Tiny,” is a prominent Proud Boys member who has become notorious among fellow rightwing street brawlers, as well as fighters of the Antifa variety, for throwing fists. He pled guilty in Jan last year to assaulting a man who confronted him for yelling pro-Trump slogans. Toese was released early last Dec with “good time” credits.

Critics of the Proud Boys have likened them to domestic terrorists and labeled them white supremacists. When President Donald Trump asked Biden at the first 2020 debate to name a white supremacist or militia group to condemn, Biden famously blurted out, “the Proud Boys.”

But Tiny Toese is a person of color, as the left styles it on this decade of the euphemism treadmill. It makes it silly for the Vice President of the United States, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Government of Canada to continue spreading the overkill partisan media propaganda that the Proud Boys are white supremacists.

The fact that these young men are actively devolving U.S. politics down to the Antifa, street-brawl level makes them hard to sympathize with, but they’re no white supremacists.

And the alleged Antifa shooting of a Proud Boys member Saturday underscores how silly it is to designate the boys as a terrorist group when they’re bringing fists to gunfights.

Yet the Southern Poverty Law Center, which so carefully catalogs the white supremacy of this Latino-chaired rough boys club, actually went so far as to condemn the Trump Administration in June 2020 for designating Antifa a domestic terrorist organization!

The SPLC whined that designating the group that shoots people and sets courthouses on fire, terrorists, was “an unprecedented and alarming development with significant implications for the civil liberties of U.S. citizens, particularly those of color.”

Someone tell the geniuses at SPLC, just because those Portland Antifa guys are wearing black, that doesn’t make them, oh, never mind.

Antifa reportedly organized the counter-protest that resulted in a shooting caught by multiple cameras Saturday to rally against “violent anti-vaxxers, Proud Boys, and Chuds.”

But which side is violent with plans to rule others by force and which side supports respecting others’ bodies and freedoms became apparent.