Anybody Notice How Often Joe Biden Has Empowered Putin?

Remember how everyone used to call Trump Putin’s puppet? Well, the real puppet has now been unveiled. President Joe Biden has repeatedly bashed and criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for his harsh and antagonistic demeanor overall but has also ended up giving him quite a lot of opportunities to assert his power over the world.

Starting with General Milley asking the Russian military general to have the US forces surveillance over the Afghan Taliban militants because as clever as Biden pretends, he and the military did not strategize the post-withdrawal surveillance method and have ended up trying to strike a deal with the Russians. Considering all the Sanctions that the US has imposed on Russia, a waiver is out of the question, and the only deal will be made if the sanctions are lifted, giving Putin the power to make things go his way. Of course, the US does not want this to happen, but I don’t see things going much in favor of the US in such circumstances. 

Let’s consider some more examples of Biden empowering Putin. Biden canceled the keystone pipeline because it wasn’t environmentally friendly, ended thousands of employment opportunities, and the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline was given the green light. The cancellation of keystone drove the US away from domestic production and to import from the Petro tyrants. On the other hand, the Nord Stream benefited Germany greatly but even more so Russia. The allies in Europe that shut their coal, natural gas, fracking, oil, and nuclear industries down have found themselves freeing and without crops, and the only way they can sustain themselves now is by Nord Stream 2. 

Russia now has the power to exploit Europe’s energy shortage and make its way with the US regarding the Afghan situation. Way to go, Biden, you have lowered the US in front of Russia, the tyrant that Trump was able to keep the leash on, and now you have set him free.