AOC ‘Blames Parents’ For Increased Crime And Excuses Government Problems

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) is the poster child for woke socialism in America. She advertises a communist agenda nullifying law and order while defunding the police. Increasing crime rates are rising because of her push to release more criminals. Her guilt of these pro-criminal arrangements conceded that wrongdoing is intensifying.

Rather than recognizing the reasons for an increased crime, she accused the government of giving people money. The child tax credit ran out on December 31, 2021. She thinks that parents are stealing food for their families. She is the dullest knife in the drawer and the dimmest bulb in the box.

AOC thinks that nothing should stop Americans once tax breaks, credits, and payments are made. The New York Congresswoman pinned the spike in crime on parents. Democrats want to advance more government assistance benefits to create more dependents.

Democrats’ $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan extended payments to 30 million families who were happy to receive the money until they learned that it was counted as taxable income and could bump them into higher tax brackets. This strategy included non-working adults in the federal bribery program. IRS systems were transformed into America’s government assistance benefits supplier, like a quick hit from the local drug dealer. It was the first time many Americans received monthly government assistance money.

Additionally, the Democrats have proposed a $3 trillion-plus Breaking Bad Better program which would have continued these regularly scheduled deposits. Americans are opposed to making them last because they recognize they are already built into the existing tax code and create a new floor for inflation which will destroy any increase in their bank accounts. The bill imploded.

AOC contended that the lapse in distributing these checks is causing crime. It is the type of pseudo-economic socialist thinking our universities are producing. No self-respecting economist would offer such a dense and faulty explanation for this crime wave.

Her ideas are ludicrous and childish, and they are unsupported by reality. But what is new. She thinks that parents are running around smashing and grabbing formula at the local Walmart and Dollar Store. She thinks that low-income Americans resort quickly to a life of crime.

This crime wave did not start in January. Since the summer of riots in 2020 and continuing into 2021, as reported by Kimberley Strassel from The Wall Street Journal, crime is taking off. Liberals motivated by George Soros’ Open Society have destabilized many cities. Criminal reforms went through watered-down bail rules, ended indictments, discharged detainees, and even undermined the police.

AOC is trying to rationalize criminal conduct. Burglary is not caused by mom’s frantic care for starving infants. Retail crime rose about 60%. She has pushed for trillions of dollars in new government spending, including the Green New Deal. But she has done nothing to support law and order. Instead, she routinely thwarts efforts to enforce our laws, and therefore criminality is increasing. Until Democrats protected by private security feel threatened by criminals, nothing will change.