AOC Endorsement Ignites Civil War With NY Dems

As if they are not already in enough trouble, Democrats are imploding after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) endorsed a progressive against her own party’s Congressional Campaign Committee chair.

As Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, “Never interrupt your enemy when (she) is making a mistake.”

Jim Messina, campaign manager for former President Barack Obama, lashed out at AOC for endorsing the opponent who is primarying Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. The election will be to represent New York’s 17th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The state’s redrawn district map pits some Democrats against others, and there is some anger at Maloney’s choice to run in this particular district. Multiple courts ruled the congressional map drawn by Democrats was grossly gerrymandered. You think?

While that, of course, is amusing, it’s not the underlying cause for the Brooklyn leftists’ insurrection.

The real reason for AOC’s announcement, most observers agree, is that Maloney is moderate and her preference, state Sen. Allesandra Biaggi, is a progressive radical. That and the fact that Maloney decided to run in the district currently occupied by progressive darling Mondaire Jones.

Jones defused the situation by choosing to run in the district formerly occupied by Maloney. His taking the high road, however, did not deter AOC’s wrath.

Nor Biaggi’s, who for her part called Maloney a “selfish corporate Democrat.”

It really is quality entertainment for the whole family to watch Democrats lob missiles at each other.

Messina, a seasoned professional, chides the so-called “Squad” member for igniting another internal war. Calling her move “counter-productive,” he sharply criticized expending energy competing with each other.

If the leftists lose the House, he said, “it’s because of dumb s— like this.”

Well, that along with inflation, crime, the border crisis, the Afghanistan fiasco, left-wing domestic terrorists, and so much more. Oh, and did we mention inflation?

By her own admission, AOC declared the race between Maloney and Biaggi will be “competitive and expensive.” And yet she plows on, contending to be the party’s divider-in-chief.

If AOC and her leftist radical partners want to divide and conquer their own party — let them. Conservatives need only to sit back and smile as so-called progressives lead the regression of Democrats into the November midterms. There’s a movement worth getting behind.