AOC’s Insane Vision

According to reports, the world population could reach a population of 10 billion by 2050. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argues that this growing population will destroy the planet by placing an increased burden on it.

AOC complained that the increase in Earth’s population will push carbon emissions up by 43%.

One of the solutions for progressives like AOC is to shrink the carbon footprint left by everybody living on Earth. To this end, the left’s push is toward mandated electric vehicles and pressuring people into smaller spaces in more densely populated areas; this is done through heavy taxation and zoning laws.

But much more than this is being called for by the left in their crusade to lower emissions across the nation to — except in, we suspect, in their personal area codes — cut down on emissions, like slashing the use of electricity and removing animal-based products — milk, eggs and meat — from the average American’s diet.

Such solutions are already implemented in a few places. But these solutions will not put a big dent on carbon footprints, as humans need food, electricity and heat, the production of which do produce carbon emissions.

Despite all the precautions, carbon emissions are continuously emitted naturally in the environment. Also important to the equation is the rise of nations like China and India, each having populations several times the size of the United States’ population, and each with growing middle classes that are consuming more resources and, thus, using more energy. These growing economies will ensure that, if the left’s vision is realized, Americans will suffer for nothing, as emissions are set to rise with or without the U.S.