Arizona is Taking New Steps to Fix Biden’s Border Crisis

When Joe Biden came into office and overturned the border policies set in place by former President Trump, he opened Pandora’s box.

In the case of the US southern border, Pandora’s box entails massive increases of border crossers, more lethal fentanyl arrivals, a rise of human trafficking at the border, and even loss of life as folks try to sneak into America.

As all of this plays out, US Border Patrol agents are completely overwhelmed. They’re not equipped to deal with these many consistent crossings. Although, unfortunately, things are going to get much worse soon.

Later this month, the White House plans to let Title 42 run its course. This will attract more migrants, while stripping border officials of the legal backing to turn these people away.

The federal government has been repeatedly called upon to fix this mess. Under Biden’s leadership, nothing is happening. Therefore, states like Arizona are taking matters into their own hands, as documented by PJ Media.

Reviewing Arizona’s Plan to Get the Border Under Control

During an interview with PJ Media, Gov. Doug Ducey (R) went into detail about the work he’s doing to restore order.

The Arizona governor noted the American Governor’s Border Strike Force he created will have a major role in his work. Ultimately, this strike force will be used for the purposes of governors working together to essentially do the job of the federal government.

Ducey mentioned that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) had a role in the development of this strike force as well. In the Lone Star State, Abbott’s actually been having some illegal immigrants shipped off to Washington DC for the Biden administration to deal with.

Ducey explained that in today’s America, all 50 states are suffering the impacts of the president’s border crisis.

The Arizona governor was also sure to mention that his state has sent its National Guard to the southern border, in addition to increasing funding for this issue and even constructing physical barriers.

Will It Be Enough?

The Biden administration has remained critical of states like Arizona and Texas that are trying to get the border back under control. While speaking to PJ Media, Ducey noted that critics of his state’s border policies should come and see the situation for themselves.

Many Americans are hopeful that the work of the American Governor’s Border Strike Force will eventually get the issue under control. However, if Title 42 falls as projected, border-state governors are going to have a lot more trouble to deal with.