Army Fires Doctor for Advising Soldiers of Possible Side Effects

The U.S. Army has fired a doctor who personally suffered a COVID-19 vaccine injury because he informed soldiers about possible side effects that could result from getting the jab.

Dr. Peter Chambers discussed his experience with Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsh in a March 25 interview.

Chambers began detecting vaccine injuries in soldiers while serving as a surgeon for Operation Lone Star, a border assignment in Texas. When the number of soldiers receiving vaccines began to increase, he noticed a series of adverse side effects including strokes, pulmonary embolisms, and neurological disorders. He said that he had six soldiers who ended up being treated in the ICU.

Chambers also had an adverse reaction to the Moderna vaccine and now suffers from demyelination, a disorder of the central nervous system as a result. He said that he is fortunate that his injury is relatively mild, but he still experiences instability and vertigo.

He said that he reported his findings up the chain of command to his superior medical officers, but his concerns were dismissed. After that, he said that he started doing “serious counseling” with soldiers before they took the vaccine.

Chambers said that out of 3,000 soldiers who received his thorough “informed consent briefing,” only six took the jab. He said that he relied only on official government information from the CDC and VAERS in discussing the possible adverse effects of the vaccines.

He said that soon his general complained to him about the small number of soldiers agreeing to be vaccinated and ordered him to stop giving his informed consent briefings. Chambers said he said to his general “eye to eye” that the order was unlawful and he would not obey it. He advised his general of an Army regulation that provides that any vaccine recipient must receive information required by an FDA emergency use authorization.

Chambers said that he was then fired for not obeying the order.

The doctor thereafter testified in a federal court hearing in Tampa last month regarding a request for an injunction against the military jab mandate. He told the court that he had been pressured to get soldiers vaccinated without a full briefing. He testified that if the mandate is not stopped the U.S. military will be “decimated.”

Chambers laid the blame right at the top with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. He said that even though Austin surely understands the vaccines are not safe, he himself is afraid of being fired if he does not follow instructions given to him by the White House.