Army Tells Soldiers To Fight Inflation By Applying For Food Stamps

As Joe Biden’s inflation hammers military service members just as it is all Americans, the U.S. Army has some shocking advice for soldiers and their families struggling to put food on the table – apply for food stamps.

A new official guidance suggests that soldiers take advantage of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as food stamps.

SNAP is a program designed to help low-income Americans, and is presented as an option for soldiers in the Army’s Financial Readiness Program. Service members are provided with the SNAP phone number and website when they are encouraged to determine if they and their families “may be eligible.”

The guidance written by Sergeant Major Michael Grinston says that “soldiers of all ranks can seek guidance, assistance, and advice through the Army’s Financial Readiness Program.” It goes on to say that inflation is now causing military families to find it harder to get by on their budgets with soaring prices for gas, groceries, and rent.

Applications for SNAP benefits are processed by state agencies, and each state has its own set of eligibility standards. Military applicants must file in the state in which they are stationed.

The Army also provides soldiers with a program called Financial Frontline, which it describes as a “one-stop shop” for debt management help, tax assistance, financial literacy, and similar educational programs. That program is in addition to the free financial counseling that is provided through the Financial Readiness Program.

The latest guidance also advises soldiers to look into the federal government’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program for qualifying applicants. It advises soldiers that the federal government could pay off government student loans in 10 years.

Soldiers are also advised by the guidance that financial assistance may be available through the nonprofit Army Emergency Relief Organization. That group makes grants and interest-free loans available to some needy service members.

The recommendations that soldiers seek public assistance come as base pay for full-time soldiers ranges between around $22,000 and $46,000 annually.

Many critics blasted the Biden administration for leaving the nation’s fighting force struggling and using public assistance programs even as it is sending billions upon billions of dollars to support the war in Ukraine, fund the “Green New Deal,” and pay off the student loans of doctors and lawyers.