Assaults on US Churches Continue to Skyrocket

Another round of attacks on U.S. places of worship took place over Memorial Day weekend, as a historic Brooklyn church was targeted by thieves and vandals. Also, two North Carolina churches on Sunday morning were defaced by a man hurling Molotov cocktails.

This follows weeks of vandalism and desecration at U.S. churches after the explosive and unprecedented Supreme Court leak concerning Roe v. Wade.

At St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, affectionately called the “Notre Dame of Park Slope” by locals, the thieves targeted more than just treasure. A historic 19th century gold tabernacle valued at $2 million was taken by the criminals.

But that’s not all. The perpetrators decapitated angel statues near the tabernacle and threw its contents onto the floor.

The church is currently closed for construction, and the diocese called it “a brazen crime of disrespect and hate.”

Meanwhile, 57-year-old Terry Wayne Raeford of Fayetteville, N.C., was arrested Sunday after police say he attacked two churches with Molotov cocktails. After throwing one device at Grays Creek Church, officials say he repeated the act at New Calvary Missionary 30 minutes later.

Authorities have not reported a motive by the suspect, who they say was caught on surveillance video at both churches.

These are hardly isolated incidents. Even before leftists began targeting houses of worship after the Supreme Court leak, the pattern was established.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in April reported 128 incidents in 35 states since May 2020. For example, arson is blamed for a February fire at St. Anthony of Padua School in Parma, Ohio, that caused $1 million in damages.

The height of violence during the summer of 2020 saw assaults on churches and religious statues from coast to coast. And in the past several weeks, pro-abortion radicals targeted churches for threats, protest, vandalism, and even disturbed ongoing worship.

The decline of civil society and common values is spotlighted every time a church is targeted for violence or destruction. Once the bedrock of Western civilization, these sanctuaries are under siege by those who have no higher goals than to bring down a way of life.