Author Claims Chinese Billionaire Ye Jianming Had Ties With Hunter Biden

Alex Joske, the author of “Spies and Lies,” claims that one of Hunter Biden’s business partners had worked at an organization with ties to the Chinese military and that he maintained those connections through future dealings with Biden.

Hunter Biden has been at the center of numerous controversies both before and after his father became the president of the free world. Biden is a known addict, has done “shady” business in countries like China and Ukraine, has ties to a Chinese spy, and will probably be brought up on gun and tax-related charges in the near future.

It seems the last of the controversies will be insurmountable for Hunter and his Dad as it seems likely he will be convicted of those crimes.

Throughout everything, the only thing that seems to be constant is that Hunter Biden will be in the midst of a new controversy. The newest was revealed with Joske speaking to Fox News host Jesse Watters.

“This Chinese businessman [Ye Jianming] disappeared mysteriously several years ago, but before building his empire of oil and petroleum industries in China he worked at an organization controlled by Chinese military intelligence that specialized in political influence operations, and he appeared to maintain this connection as a businessman after he apparently left the Chinese military,” Joske told Watters.

It is this relationship that could spell trouble for the Bidens. Joske said that it seems clear that Ye was involved with “Chinese influence and intelligence operations” and that Hunter Biden’s alleged relationship with JiaQi Bao was connected to his relationship with Ye.

It was Bao who, according to a whistleblower, told Hunter Biden “which parts of the United States that China wanted to purchase natural gas from back in 2017.”

These relationships are concerning because they could point to undue influence and control of some people within China over the President of the United States.

Joske closed by stating, “I think it’s great to see more mainstream media actually picking up on this story after years of not really following it through. We’re seeing more and more information come out, in particular about Hunter Biden’s connections to this businessman.”

It seems that there was just too much smoke for the media not to notice the fire, and now the truth may actually come out.