Baby Formula Shortages is Not Over in America

Within the past few weeks, the White House has been heavily promoting an initiative known as “Operation Fly Formula.”

This began once Biden finally used the Defense Production Act to get baby formula into the United States from Germany and other countries.

The administration talks a good game about the supposedly great work being done under this initiative. However, Operation Fly Formula started months after the White House was made aware of baby formula shortages that would be coming.

If this project had been put into effect months earlier, America might not be facing such steep challenges with baby formula supply today.

Even with Operation Fly Formula and new baby formula shipments coming to America, the nation is far from in the clear.

What to Expect Over the Next Several Weeks
Abbott Nutrition is officially back in business after being temporarily shut down by the FDA. However, the return of this supplier doesn’t mean that formula will instantly be back on shelves.

At this time, Abbott Nutrition has announced that it will first start making specialty formulas. These supplies should begin to be fairly accessible to Americans around the point of Monday, June 20.

However, the production and distribution of additional formulas that babies rely upon will take time. This is what’s ultimately going to cause delays and hold-ups to bleed into July.

Given that nothing unexpected happens, access to baby formula is projected to be readily available shortly before the start of August.

In a brand new statement, Abbott Nutrition stressed that it is aware of the grave need for baby formula in America. The nation’s top supplier then confirmed it’s hard at work to make this product available and regain the trust of parents everywhere.

More on the Baby Formula Crisis
The timeline of the White House’s response to shortages in baby formula caused a destructive ripple effect across the nation.

This is one reason why the Department of Health and Human Services is going to be reviewing Biden’s response to the situation.

The FDA, as well, will be investigated, with Health and Human Services determining whether its temporary shutdown of Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing plant was proper.

In the meantime, parents everywhere will await the return of days where they can easily find baby formula for their infants.