Bank Fraud Suspect Caught By His Own Victim After Returning to the Scene of the Crime

A Florida woman assisted police in apprehending a prolific bank fraud suspect by tracking him down through her own investigation.

The inquisitive woman from Stuart, Florida took action on April 14 when she noticed multiple charges on her credit card from the previous day that she had not authorized, all of which had taken place at a gas station.

Descriptions of the charges that were included in her bank statement pointed her in the direction of a local WaWa convenience store off of Federal Highway near Johnson Avenue.

Hoping that the thief would return to the same gas station the next day, the woman drove to the location to conduct a stake out.

Not long after she arrived, she noticed a suspicious white pickup truck pumping gas at pumps 9 and 10. At the exact same time that the suspect was pumping the gas, the woman received notifications on her cell phone from her bank informing her of potential fraud on her card that matched the location of the gas station.

The police have also reported that the woman noticed the suspect throwing credit cards into the trash after using them.

The woman was confident that she had found the culprit behind her credit card theft, so she decided to call 911 to alert police.

Several officers immediately responded to the WaWa store. After a brief search of the suspect and his vehicle, they placed him under arrest. The man was later identified as Rosniel Jimenez Gonzalez, of Fort Lauderdale.

While conducting the search, police reportedly found multiple steel tanks in the back of the truck and others laid flat on the truck bed, concealed by a carpet. Gonzalez had also placed wood pallets, a tire, and a construction cone on top of the tanks in an attempt to hide them.

Also inside the truck were 28 fraudulent credit cards and debit cards.

Gonzalez has reportedly been charged on multiple fraud-related counts, which include trafficking in or possessing counterfeit credit cards, the unlawful conveyance of fuel, obtaining fuel by fraud, fraudulent use of a credit card more than two times within six months and unlawful possession of personal ID of five or more persons.