Baskin-Robbins is Setting a Positive Example for All US Companies

For the past several years now, various companies across the United States have chosen to wade into muddy political waters. Nine times out of ten, companies that involve themselves in politics side with the left.

The general principle behind this is usually the interest in appearing woke, with the times, and otherwise supportive of what Democrats claim to be pressing issues in society.

Yet, no matter how much companies try to align themselves with the left, there will always be people who are even further to the left and claim that current advocacy isn’t good enough.

Of course, when companies grandstand to promote left-wing politics, they also end up alienating customers who are not left-leaning and who may vote Republican.

Companies like Disney are having to learn this lesson the hard way. Meanwhile, the much-loved ice cream company, Baskin-Robbins, is setting a fine example that other businesses would do well to follow, according to PJ Media.

Steering Clear of Political Grandstanding

This year, Baskin-Robbins launched a brand new campaign to promote its brand as an ice cream shop. Within the new campaign, is the overall celebration of ice cream and the joy it brings to people’s lives everywhere.

Finally, Baskin-Robbins encourages its customers to make sure they “Seize the Yay” and show gratitude for each moment in life.

This is a cheerful message and appropriately on-brand for a company with the job of selling ice cream. Considering all that’s happening in the country today, Baskin-Robbins could have very easily slipped some political grandstanding into its new campaign; yet, it wisely chose not to.

People of all political affiliations, liberal, moderate, conservative, etc., eat and enjoy ice cream. Ice cream itself is not political; therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for Baskin-Robbins to make political statements that no one asked for.

If only Disney had followed this course, the company would be a lot better off than it is today.

The Moral of the Story

With inflation being through the roofs, a lot of people are having to rethink where and how they spend their money. As a result of this, it doesn’t do well for these big businesses to irritate their customers with political grandstanding amid a fairly hostile political climate.

Companies that have not yet gone political, but are thinking of doing so, may want to follow the lead of Baskin-Robbins. This ice cream company has shown that it knows how to not just read the room, but also focus on its appropriate mission at hand.