Becky Hobbs: Democrats Donated To Pro-Trump Candidates

A new Project Veritas video shows gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ (D-AZ) revealing a strategy by democrats to fund and boost Trump-backed candidates with the idea that they would be easier to defeat than other Republicans.

The video above is a new undercover video filmed without the subject’s knowledge and published by Project Veritas. The video is of Becky Hobbs, Katie’s twin sister, sharing what seems to be firsthand knowledge of a “secret” strategy that democrats employed for the upcoming midterm elections.

In the video, Becky Hobbs says, “So, all across the country Democrat candidates, not candidates themselves, but the party, was putting money in primaries, into the races of extreme Trump-endorsed candidates, as opposed to the moderate Republicans that were running, because they wanted those extremists to win because they knew that the Dems had a better chance of winning their races against the extremist candidates than they did against the moderate Republicans.”

According to The Right Scoop, Hobbs never shares any proof that what she is saying is true, but there is also no reason to doubt what she is saying. She is being filmed without her knowledge, and it is difficult to decipher a reason that she would lie.

Further on in the interview, Becky Hobbs says, “So the Dem Party put money into those extremist races so that that would be — and okay, so, on election night, primary night, when we were at Katie’s event on primary night and she didn’t know the night of the election who her opponent was gonna be but Karrin Taylor Robson was up by ten points and it was kinda like it took the air out of the room, because everyone knew that Katie was polling better against Kari Lake, and everyone new that Katie had a better chance to win against Kari Lake.”

To make matters worse for Becky Hobbs, her twin sister, according to FiveThirtyEight, is losing by an almost two-point margin to the upstart Kari Lake. As recently as the end of August, Hobbs enjoyed a seven-point lead in that same poll, and she held a lead until the beginning of this month.

Based on what is shaping up in the Arizona gubernatorial election, the Democrats strategy may just be backfiring.