Biden Admin Dumps Alaska Oil Drilling Project Started Under Trump That Was Slated To Create Thousands Of Jobs

President Joe Biden and his administration are delivering false promises of climate change and pollution solutions. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is turning into building other country’s economies by great lengths. Energy independence is one of the areas where the United States could get ahead of the curve and deliver lower energy prices to Americans and thousands of jobs, but Biden has consistently done the opposite.

After the Keystone XL Pipeline was stopped, thousands of Americans were left jobless at the stroke of a pen, and it’s happening again. Biden officially ended an Alaskan oil and gas drilling project that was based in Northern Alaska. The project would have delivered the United States energy independence and provided thousands of jobs, but that’s too good for Biden. He seems to aim to import energy and stop everything former President Donald Trump started, even if it makes sense to keep it in place.

In a CNN Town Hall, Biden said he’s potentially going to create discussions with middle eastern countries to begin oil imports to lower gas prices because if we tapped into the United States reserve, it would only bring oil down by $.18. That’s what “Build Back Better” really means imports over-supporting the U.S. economy.

According to Must Read Alaska, the ConocoPhillips oil project in Alaska would bring 160,000 gallons per day to the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. That’s an incredible amount that Biden skipped out on, and Americans will suffer because of it. When will it end? When will good decisions be made that will push America into a better economy?

ConocoPhillips said that the “Development of Willow could generate hundreds of direct jobs and thousands of construction jobs, and produce substantial revenue for the federal government, State of Alaska, North Slope Borough, and communities in the NPR-A.”

According to the same document, the Bureau of Land Management “completed public coping” in late 2018 and “commenced drafting the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Willow.”

Does Biden’s plan to push Americans to buy American not include buying American oil, or is that separate?

After Biden was elected, environmentalist groups sued to have the project stopped, and it worked. Biden’s administration initially supported the plan, and they defended the project’s environmental compliance. Still, after they failed to enter an appeal to a judge’s ruling to stop the project, the deal was done.

It’s not that anyone should disregard the environment. That fact is, Biden is moving toward energy imports at an alarming rate which will negatively affect the world with carbon emissions because other countries don’t have the regulatory requirements that America has on oil reserves and drilling. It will ultimately lead to more burdensome to the world, and it just won’t come from the United States. The illusion of the Biden administration continues, and the smoke and mirrors of global climate change have shifted off of Biden’s back.