Biden Admin Has Advised Americans To ‘Consciously Decrease Expectations For Their Own Benefit’

Joe Biden has advised Americans to consciously decrease expectations for their benefit, using state-sponsored media institutions such as the Washington Post. It’s a good thing the Founders and the great majority of subsequent American presidents didn’t believe in lowering the expectations (and standards), as the Biden administration does.

According to reports, Washington may remark at Valley Forge, lowering the expectations. Ben Franklin said at the Constitutional Convention that he thought they all needed to decrease their expectations of what is feasible here. Lincoln at Gettysburg noted that those who perished here taught them a valuable lesson. It is the lesson, and they must decrease their expectations.

According to JFK, it’s best if they lower their expectations, and he continues saying that because then they won’t be disappointed. Moreover, Ronald Reagan said he’s imploring all Americans to reduce their expectations. But John F. Kennedy replied with, who cares, anyway? It doesn’t matter, but what if it did?

Furthermore, taking down this wall would help, according to Mr. Gorbachev, Or at least a tiny portion of it. Perhaps a hammer might be used to whack a piece out of it. Alternatively, scribble some moderately anti-communist graffiti on it if that’s not too much of a problem.

If they demand more and more for producing less and less, while the have-not nations encourage, motivate, and even demand hard work and maximum effort, Paul Harvey observed that the conclusion of such a lopsided race is too evident to require explanation.