Biden Administration Transporting Illegal Immigrants for Abortions

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson accused the Biden administration of violating the Hyde Amendment for their actions in flying illegal immigrants to other states for abortion services.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” on Friday, Carson pointed out that this move by President Joe Biden is a complete flip-flop from his former position when he was serving in the Senate, and asked why the American people are being forced to foot the bill for these illegals while they are currently suffering from the severe economic downturn caused by the Biden administration’s policies.

“As a senator, Biden was completely behind the Hyde Amendment even in cases of incest or rape,” the former HUD secretary said, referring to the legislative provision barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortion.

“Talk about a 180-degree flip. Is it really fair to American citizens to have to take on the burden when they have so many burdens of their own, particularly financial burdens with the inflation roaring and with the economy going south, with people’s 401Ks going south? Why are we picking up more debt?” Carson asked.

Following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision on June 24, which overturned Roe v. Wade and returned the issue of abortion to the states, thirteen states now have laws on the books which have either banned or severely restricted abortion.

Responding to this, Biden has pledged to defend the rights of women to travel from these states to other states to receive abortions.

According to Lupe Rodriguez, executive director of the New York-based advocacy organization the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, female illegal immigrants are more likely to run into difficulties crossing state lines to access abortions.

States with abortion restrictions such as Texas, Arizona and Florida have large illegal immigrant populations but do not allow illegals to obtain driver’s licenses, which could affect their ability to cross state lines.

Carson pointed out that Biden now wants to sue Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for “trying to intervene and stop all these people coming in illegally and it tells you exactly what you need to know – that it’s all intentional and planned on their behalf.”