Biden Administration Wants Poland To Take The Blame If WWIII Breaks Out

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is either Machiavellian smart or Zoolander stupid. On a “Face the Nation” appearance, he stated that the administration would green light Poland to give MiG fighter jets to Ukraine. Now, this was the first anyone had heard about this, and I am sure the Polish government was super happy for Blinken to put what were probably secret talks on live TV.

This chess move is an extension of the no-fly zone proposal. If anyone were to think about this for 30 seconds critically, they would realize that these ideas may be the dumbest ideas ever proposed by someone purporting to be innovative. It is one thing to truck weapons into a country. It is another to use airfields to either conduct flight operations for the no-fly zone or transfer the planes to Ukrainian pilots. Russia has said that either move would be equivalent to entering the conflict. In case you have not checked a map recently, Poland is on the border of Ukraine. It is safe to say they have a personal stake in what Russia will do next once it takes over Ukraine.

Realizing this, the Poles threaded the needle quite nicely. They offered to transfer the planes to Ramstein air base in Germany, so then the United States could do with them what they wished. It caught the administration off guard.

But didn’t Blinken say they were in talks and the United States would green-light the Poles giving the planes to Russia? Jen Psaki further reinforced the United States’ position.

Jen Psaki told the truth for once. Markdown this day as the one time it happened. The person who put together this Tweet asks a salient question. Why then was it ok for Poland to give the jets to Ukraine? Here is an answer: If things break down further, they can blame Poland for escalating the conflict. Just like President Biden blames Russia for the skyrocketing gas prices, this current group of scoundrels in the White House crave political cover like Hunter Biden likes to go to Vegas.

Biden, Blinken and the rest are the most dangerous brand of politicians: Unwise people who believe they can outthink any problem. After a year of this administration, we can see what that belief has gotten the American people. Chaos.