Biden Again Gets Fact-Checked By Twitter

For the better part of his presidency, Joe Biden has been able to use Twitter as a forum to lie with impunity. Biden regularly puts out tweets to puff up his own agenda and make Americans believe things are far better than they really are.

However, since Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk last month, some changes have come into effect. One of the most notable changes is objective fact-checking, rather than fact-checking that punishes the right wing and gives leftists a pass.

As a result of the president lying on Twitter, he is also being consistently fact-checked on the platform. One of the latest examples of this covers Biden’s recent claims about gas prices.

Setting the Record Straight
Just over the weekend, the president deceptively alleged that $3.19 is the “most common” price for gas at pumps nationwide. Despite the fallacy of this statement, Biden wants people to believe this because it is advantageous to the Democrat Party.

Twitter, on the other hand, put a fact-checking disclaimer under Biden’s tweet. The notice reads that the president was referencing the most common “mode” gas rate, rather than the average price of gas.

In actuality, the average price of gas in the United States is $3.80 per gallon. This is still higher than it was when Biden first came into the White House almost two years ago.

Twitter also informed viewers that the data Biden pointed out specifically neglects to take into account more expensive gas prices in various states.

Finally, the disclaimer included reference links to both AAA and the Wall Street Journal.

Intentional Sabotage From Biden
On the surface, the president clearly wants Americans to believe he is working hard to lower gas prices. Yet, every now and then, Biden accidentally lets the truth slip. During a campaign stop in New York, for example, Biden confidently said he supported “no more drilling.”

This came days after the president conceded that if oil companies were doing more drilling, gas prices would be lower. While making this point days ago, Biden also neglected to mention how his own policies are actively blocking “more drilling.”

In New York, the president forgot about his narrative regarding gas prices, instead focusing on trying to keep Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) from losing her reelection campaign to GOP challenger Lee Zeldin.

Hopefully, Twitter will continue to hold Biden accountable by fact-checking him each time he lies.